Product Care


-Ears are not waterproof. Please note that if ears are soaked they will lose their shape.

-Leaving ears in extreme heat conditions will cause the glue to melt or the ears to warp.

-Ears are not meant to be shoved into purses or backpacks. Please make sure that ears are neatly placed in bags to prevent folding and tearing of fabrics.

Ears that are mistreated or neglected will not be returned or exchanged. If your ears are stolen while in the parks, please email me for a replacement pair. ONE replacement pair will be granted per customer within 90 days of purchase. Shipping charges will be required for new ears. Current turnaround time will vary.

Monogram Apparel:

-If washing, please turn garment inside out and wash on gentle cycle.

-You can hang dry or machine dry but please note that fabric wrinkling may occur.

-You may be required to iron over the monogram portion of your tee to remove any wrinkles that may have occurred during washing. Please make sure to turn the monogram inside out and place parchment paper or another cotton shirt between the iron and the monogram.

Vinyl Apparel:


-Wash t-shirt inside out.

-Machine wash cold.

-Machine dry on low heat setting.

-Do not iron directly on the vinyl, turn the shirt inside out and iron that way.